Brasil Trip!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I just came back to Japan, stayed four months in Brasil. Here is a follow up of what happened over there. December 2017 I was invited to perform at Batuka Drum Fest, the most important Brasilian Drum fest of all times. It was amazing to share the stage with lots of world class drummers such Dom Famularo, Sergio Belotti, Christiano Rocha, Eloy Casagrande, Vera Figueiredo, among many other great players.

Batuka International Drum Fest 2017

I played 4 songs from Brazard Duo, which are classics Brazilian songs rearranged by Marcelo Kimura, a greatest acoustic guitar player from Brasil currently living in Japan.

I was glad to participate in some recording sessions, one of them with Felipe Wrechiski, insane composer in the electronic music field. Check this guy out! At Vera Figueiredo's Institute I had a pleasure to teach for two days and invited to make an open masterclass which was fantastic, completely sold out.