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  Daniel started on piano at four years old taking classes and composing his own music. At 11 got his first drum set and at 12 started to play professionally. At 14 he was teaching in the biggest  music school in Osasco, at the time, Harp Som. He had around 40 students. At 18, participate of the biggest drum festival in Brasil, “Batuka”, opening the event for 4 days in a row, participating in more 6 editions since then. He won "the best drum student" trophy from Vera's Figueiredo Drum Institute.  At 19, Daniel joined a very well-known rock fusion band “O TERÇO” and started to tour all over Brasil. At 20 recorded Terço’s Cd as a drummer and composer. Since then, Daniel participated in many drums festivals around the world, recording sessions and composing for many purposes, from theaters to children’s books, and even for TV shows. Along with his drum set capabilities he also produced and arranged some albums in his studio, recording keys and bass as well.
  His career culminated joining Cirque du Soleil’s first Brazilian creation called “OVO” as a drummer, recording in the Show's music CD, participating of Its creation and many TV shows around the world.
  Daniel recorded his own Cd at his home studio at 18 years old, showing his capability of dealing with many different computer software. He mastered Ableton Live, Logic, Pro tools, Cubase, Photoshop, Final Cut and Lemur.
  In 2016 participate of the remount of “OVO” into arena as Band Leader, he was the first drummer to be officially bandleader and leading a band in a creation/remount.         He decided to move to Japan and run his own projects. Now Daniel is performing in many jazz clubs in Japan. He is also developing connectivity and multimedia material controlled by Ableton, Max, Lemur and VDMX for major entertainment companies. 
  Daniel work as video producer, arranger, composer and performer.

For detailed resumé please contact Daniel.

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